Romantic Weekends in Guernsey

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Whether you are young love or looking to re-spark the fire, getting away for a weekend just the two of you can do wonders for your relationship. There is nothing better than retreating to a country cottage, luxury hotel or island escape on a romantic weekend getaway and truly connecting with your partner.

The island of Guernsey is the perfect location for special romantic weekend getaways. The Bailiwick of Guernsey is an archipelago of islands located in English Channel – you can pamper yourself in a luxury hotel, go out and about exploring the islands stunning scenery or lock yourselves away in a quaint cottage on one of the four islands.

Holiday in guernsey

Guernsey is well known for its fantastic food, on the island you will find an array of high quality restaurants as well as quaint cafés and beach kiosks. Local produce can be found all around, from the freshest locally caught seafood to local dairy products from the famous Guernsey cows. If you are looking for something a bit more basic then you can’t beat fish and chips overlooking the sun set on one of the islands west coast beaches. Food plays a vital role in any romantic trip away, and Guernsey is well equipped to serve you up a fantastic foodie experience.

The islands stunning scenery means that getting outside and walking is an absolute must. Go for a romantic stroll through the islands rural lanes and over the dramatic cliffs to truly reconnect with nature and each other. For more adventurous couples, why not get active and go kayaking to explore the island from the coast, or try your hands at coasteering?

As mentioned before, the Bailiwick of Guernsey is a archipelago of islands, so if you a looking to really get away from it all then a visit to Alderney, Herm or Sark is perfect. Each island has its own unique quirks – Herm and Sark are completely car free whilst Alderney has a unique array or wildlife. So if you are looking for a Guernsey holiday with a difference, take a trip to one of it’s sister islands.

If the above sounds appealing, you will be pleased to know that getting to Guernsey from the UK couldn’t be easier! You can fly from airports such as London, Southampton, Manchester and East Midlands to name a few. Or, take the ferry from Poole or Portsmouth. You can be enjoying all the great things that Guernsey has to offer just a couple of hours after leaving home. So, what are you waiting for?

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What Can You Expect From Guernsey

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Guernsey is an island located in the English channel and it spreads at just 30.1 square miles, still is one of the most amazing places on earth. Guernsey lies on the exact distance of 31 miles west from Normandy.


If you are wondering how this place belongs to the English, rather than the French, the answer is that the islands were passed down to the English Crown almost 1000 years ago.  In 1066, when William the Conqueror became king, the islands were passed down to the English Crown.  Even though England lost Normandy to France in 1204, the islands Guernsey and Jersey remained loyal to the Crown.  As for the more recent history, in the Second World War, Guernsey was occupied by German troops and many people were sent to German camps.  Luckily, many children from the island were evacuated as to England and brought to safety.

At the present day, Guernsey is a self-governing nation with its own parliament.  Also, Guernsey is not a part of European Union, but it has a special trade relationship with the European Union.

6945363942_83d2d0e927_mIf you are planning to visit to this lovely Island, you should be very excited.  Even though, you might think that the weather would be rather English bleak and cloudy with temperatures that are fairly low, you couldn’t be more wrong.  The most amazing sunshine I have ever seen, I have seen in this amazing place, where in the sky is unbelievably blue, and the sun is scorching hot.

This warm and welcoming place is the epitome of a community.  The passers-by will often greet you with a friendly ‘hello’.  Also, it’s a place of beauty and romance, with its crystal blue waters and lovely beaches.  Furthermore, Guernsey is a very inviting place for hikers and trackers, which will enjoy and the paths around to the coast, the beautiful nature, beaches, plants, the sea and the rocks.

Since, Guernsey is a rather small island it should be very easy for tourists to navigate their ways by car. The narrow lanes might be nerve-wracking (especially to city drivers) but only at first. The speed limit is 35mph and there is relatively little traffic, at least not until rush hour in the capital, which is Saint Peter Port.


If you want to enjoy the lovely island of Guernsey, and experience something new, I definitely would advise you to visit it as soon as possible.  This idyllic, romantic place is perfect for a romantic getaway, where you will be able to enjoy lovely nature, this warm and welcoming community, the beautiful sea, along with some of the most amazing restaurants which offer the most delicious food.  Also, this is a true place which you can go to if you want to take a rest and clear your head.  The amazing, refreshing air and the majestic sea will remind you want is truly important in life.

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